As a long-standing family company, we place value on a balanced mixture of tradition and innovation, and we gladly fulfill the individual wishes of our customers. Thanks to our production facilities, we can offer you the highest quality, German-made safety toll possible.

Our long-standing history dates back to 1935: the year the company Schörken GmbH was established in Wuppertal as a mid-sized family company. Over the decades we have continuously expanded our production facilities and office spaces.

Over time we have built a world-wide reputation as a premium German manufacturer of safety tools, with help from our modern production machines and our own internal toolmaking. The name Schörken and our product lines Kabifix and Schöco have been standing for the highest possible quality for over 75 years - that is reliable German workmanship!

Over the decades we have continually maintained a focus on our core competencies in safety technology. Since April 2009 graduate engineer Frank Eckey has carried forward the Schörken family name of our company.