Wire Stretchers

Wire Stretchers for stretching ropes, wires and sticks
Wire Stretchers for stretching ropes, wires and sticks
Product informationArea of application
  • High-quality material: thick steel
  • Corrosion protection: all steel parts are galvanized
  • Multiple sizes: six models designed for diameter between 1 mm and 25 mm
  • Easy handling: smooth-running clamping jaws with large rivets
  • Lightweight
  • Our wire stretchers make it possible to safely and reliably stretch cables and wires. They are optimized to be especially handy, convenient and user-friendly. For the standard versions, the load capacity is equivalent to one-thousand times its own weight. The extra strong wire stretcher (10 -25 mm) is especially designed for the extraction of testing rods for soil samples.

Do not exceed load capacity!

Jaw width(Ø mm)1-31-41-61-81-1210-25
Breaking Load Limit (kg)400500800120018003000
Working Load Limit (kg)2002504006009001500
Weight (kg)0,110,260,380,611,002,62